Do you know the way to...
Montaña ("mon-TAN-ya") Vista?

[World HQ of the Red Mountain Manor Home Owners Association]

Google will show you a map and/or give you directions.

Yahoo will also show you a map and/or give you directions.

Our shiny, happy little community is snugly tucked into the northeast corner of Mesa, Arizona,
less than a quarter-mile from the intersection of
E. Thomas Road and N. Power Road (also called N. Bush Highway).

Take the Red Mountain Freeway (Loop 202) east and get off at Exit 22, Recker Road.
Then turn left and drive 0.4 mile north on Recker.
Finally, hang a right onto Thomas Road and drive 0.8 mile east.
At that point, you'll come to the traffic light where Raftriver Street secretly changes its name to Sericin.
You'll be wanting to make a right turn onto Sericin, but there's no street sign for Sericin, only this:


If you glance to the right of the traffic light pole, you'll see this sign:

Montaña Vista

[The tilde is a dead giveaway that you've found the place.]
After making that right turn--try not to screech your tires--you'll see our gate:


When you stop at the Red Mountain Manor gate box, you can:
[1] scroll to your host's name by pressing the big "A" or "Z" buttons, then pushing "Call";
[2] key in your host's unique 3-digit identifier, whereupon s/he will buzz you in (or not); or
[3] press the pound (#) key, followed by a hush-hush, top-secret 4-digit code...
which all the neighbor kids seem to know by heart.

Google and Yahoo will also give you directions from Montaña Vista to just about anywhere.
Lucky you.

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